This project is evidence of rebellion against a society that easily labels an amputee as a hero of everyday life, but is reluctant to call them divine because it does not consider them to have a perfect body.

A divine project that exalts bodies and elevates them almost to the status of a deity. An epic tale to introduce the new AWA Cover collection.

The creation of the logo and brand concept starts with a desire to highlight the initial (W) of the central word WAY, emphasizing the metaphorical importance of the road. It is well known that ambition is the path to success, and the AWA Prosthetics Cover brand represents this idea.

The graphic design of the letter W starts from this concept, the path to success: the ascent that represents fear, doubt, uncertainty, and effort to reach the summit, and the descent, which is the affirmation of what has been created and the satisfaction of having achieved it.

"The road is also a metaphor for life and this brand was born from the need to give amputees a new way to present themselves to the world, granting them the opportunity to once again show off their missing limb and boast about the beauty of the accessory they wear."

Those who choose an AWA cover have already gone through an uphill battle, filled with fears, prejudices, and non-acceptance, but today they are ready to discover and show the world who they are.

AWA is a combination of things: it is a desire for redemption, it is a desire for rebirth, but above all, it is a desire to give a new way of seeing one's own situation.